The FAQs on Purchasing Our Products

In this day and age, we are all used to being able to fill a virtual shopping cart and click “purchase” for virtually anything we want! While we would love to be able to scratch that itch for anyone who wants to purchase our amazing fly and mosquito control systems, we currently exclusively sell through […]

More Pest Protection Questions Answered!

Last month we covered some of the most asked basic questions Paraclipse and what we do. This month we dive a little deeper into the details of our products to answer more of your burning questions! Without further adieu, let’s dive in!  Question: Why should I purchase from Paraclipse and not a unit I found […]

Everything You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know About Paraclipse

A composite image of flies and our Paraclipse products that are used to stop those flies from being a nuisance in your home or business.

Who is Paraclipse? What do they do? How can I get my hands on these awesome products? You’ve got questions and we are here to provide the answers! In the coming months check back here on our blog as we answer some of the questions we get asked most often! Today we are starting with […]

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