Quality Fly & Mosquito Control Systems

Highly Effective, Non-Toxic

Uniquely designed and aesthetically pleasing insect control systems for flies, fruit flies and mosquitoes, made in the USA and sold all over the globe.


Fly, Fruit Fly and Mosquito Elimination Systems

Paraclipse Insect Control Systems

Paraclipse is a leading supplier of ultraviolet fly control systems that are safer than traditional bug zappers, fly zappers and other styles of electric fly killers. Our Unique Capture Cartridge is unmatched in the industry for its effectiveness.

Quiet & Effective

The only buzz you'll hear is from satisfied quests.

Environmentally Friendly

No toxic chemicals and safe to use around food.

Indoor & Outdoor

A variety of products for all types of spaces.

Clean & Sanitary

The safest and most sanitary way to trap flies and other insects.

Attractive Systems

Inconspicuous pest control designed with style.

Variety of Uses

Perfect for food services, painting, manufacturing and other industries.

Why Use Paraclipse Products?

It’s the safest and most effective way to control flies. Watch the video to learn more.

Paraclipse Products

Our Amazing Capture Cartridge®

The safest and most sanitary way to trap flies and other insects.


A fresh adhesive and attractant surface is always presented. As insects become trapped, they are rolled into the receiving end of the cartridge. When it is time to dispose of the cartridge, the trapped insects are contained in the cartridge housing for clean and sanitary handling.


Bug zappers, glue boards and toxic chemicals can contaminate surfaces and the air. Our systems are the safest and most sanitary way to trap flies and other insects.

Our Products

Insect Control that’s as attractive to your eyes as it is to the flies.


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