More Pest Protection Questions Answered!

Last month we covered some of the most asked basic questions Paraclipse and what we do. This month we dive a little deeper into the details of our products to answer more of your burning questions! Without further adieu, let’s dive in! 

Question: Why should I purchase from Paraclipse and not a unit I found at a discount store?

Answer: Most insect solutions you find in stores are all the same. What sets us apart is our patented technology such as our motorized auto advancing cartridges which provide continuous coverage for 30 – 60 days. The auto advancing coverage provides fresh tape daily for the insects to land unlike a static piece of sticky paper that fills up then needs to be replaced frequently. Also! Our products are approved by both the USDA & FDA. If you run a restaurant, health departments love that our products are nontoxic with no insecticide or pesticide.

Question: Who are Paraclipse products for?

Answer: The short answer: Everyone! But, really – while we specifically market to professional kitchens and industries, our products are ideal for anyone who has a space that they want to be mosquito, fly, and fruit fly-free! Just use our handy Find a Dealer tool on our website to discover where you can find the right Paraclipse product for you!

Question: What time of year should I purchase your products?

Answer: It always pays to plan ahead, so if you want to be prepared for fly and mosquito seasons, you may want to purchase and install in early Spring. However, it is never too late to purchase a one of our systems. The right time to buy is anytime you need effective pest control.

Question: How do I choose the unit right for my business and where is the best place to put it?

Answer: Each unit’s recommendation is based on open square footage of the location it will be utilized. Below we break down each product by our recommended square feel of coverage and what types of locations these units would be best utilized:

  1. Fruit Fly and Fly Patrol:
  2. 1,000 square feet of coverage.
  3. Recommended for coffee ships, bakeries, bars, food trucks and waitstaff stations in restaurants.
  • Insect Ultra Inn II:
  • 4,000 square feet of coverage.
  • Recommended for kitchens , dining rooms, schools, and commercial buildings like convenience  and grocery stores . 
  • Terminator:
  • 10,000 square feet of coverage.
  • Recommended for warehouses and receiving docks, food manufacturers, butcher shops, or agriculture buildings.
  • Mosquito Eliminator:
  • 5,000 square feet of coverage
  • Our only outdoor approved unit!

Many business and restaurants have a combination of these units for different purposes. For example, a Fly Patrol may be used in the wait station and then an Ultra In is used in the dining room and kitchen. Our dealers will be able to best recommend the unit for your specific needs.

Contact Us Today Hopefully the answers to these frequently asked questions will empower you to make the best pest control decisions for your particular pest problems. We stand behind all our fly, fruit fly, and mosquito units and are confident there is something that will work for you! In the meantime, you can contact us anytime to discuss our unique and effective products and how we can help you stay bug free!

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