A composite image of flies and our Paraclipse products that are used to stop those flies from being a nuisance in your home or business.

Everything You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know About Paraclipse

Who is Paraclipse? What do they do? How can I get my hands on these awesome products? You’ve got questions and we are here to provide the answers! In the coming months check back here on our blog as we answer some of the questions we get asked most often! Today we are starting with the basics:

Question: Who is Paraclipse?

Answer: Prior to making insect and bug control systems, Paraclipse had its beginnings in manufacturing large satellite antennas (it was the 90’s after all). Our operations are located in Columbus, Nebraska, which – if you didn’t know – means that we experience issues with mosquitos and flies in our manufacturing facility. Our production team decided to solve this issue and, when looking for a solution, they ended up developing fly control units. Our products worked so well that the owners thought, “Maybe other companies could use these units.” They took a gamble and introduced a unit at a trade show to gauge interest. The rest is history! In 1992, we drastically changed directions and started producing flying insect control systems. This was great timing as the satellite business had started declining.

In the past 30 years, our designers have continued to make improvements to our original fly control unit and also expanded our offerings to provide more options including specialty units for mosquitos and fruit flies. Today, under new local ownership, the Paraclipse line of nontoxic, automated flying insect control products are known worldwide.  Our products are used in a wide variety of commercial, recreational, and residential applications.

Question: What does Paraclipse do?

Answer: To understand what we do, you may want to know what we do NOT do – we are NOT a termination service. What we DO is produce highly effective fly, fruit fly, and mosquito control systems. Our systems are safe for food preparation areas and are non-toxic. We use ultraviolet light to attract the insects and then trap them on a glue surface that is auto-advancing. Our products are far superior, and yet many times, lower priced than our competition. Made to last in the USA and using patented technology, our systems simply catch more flies without pesticides, noise, or sprays.

Question: How can I purchase Paraclipse products?

Answer: Currently, our products are not direct-to-consumer. But there are many options for your business to buy our quality fly & mosquito control systems. We primarily work with distributors to sell our products. We are offered through food distributors, agriculture distributors, and pest control companies. If you are curious who to contact in your area you can fill out our “Find a Dealer” form on our website and we will get you connected with one!

Question: How do your products work?

Answer: Our products use ultraviolet light to attract the insect, then special pheromones, feed attractants, and decoys on the glue surface pull them in to get stuck on the glue surface. Our auto-advancing glue cartridge system allows for thousands of flies to be caught and trapped without the need to be changed or maintained for 30-60 days (depending on the system you choose). Each unit includes a motor that slowly pulls the glue surface along and hides the already trapped insects from view, allowing space for additional insects to be caught. 

Most of our units are intended for indoor use only, with the exception of the Mosquito Eliminator, which is intended for outdoor use.  

We hope this helps to clear up any questions you have about Paraclipse and our amazing products! Stay tuned for more posts answering many of your most burning questions! In the meantime, you can contact us anytime to discuss our unique and effective products and how we can help you stay bug free!

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