Top 5 Reasons You Need Insect Control in Your Commercial Kitchen

As anyone who has ever worked in the food industry can tell you, there are strict regulations regarding sanitation and hygiene when it comes to running a restaurant or food service business that have been put in place to protect public safety. And if you end up with pest control issues, this can be detrimental. It only takes a single customer finding a fly in their salad to give a business a bad reputation. On top of that, the kitchen could be shut down if the health inspectors deem insects in your kitchen to be unsafe.

That is why at Paraclipse, we have the products you need to prevent these issues from happening. Here are the top five reasons you should have Paraclipse pest control systems in your commercial kitchen:

  1. Cleaning Blind Spots

In a commercial kitchen you already have so much to think about when it comes to keeping the space clean and healthy. Kitchen crew members generally work hard to keep cooking and food prep surfaces sparkling clean. Flies and fruit flies are attracted to any food that may be left to rot – and since there are blind spots when cleaning any space, you will need a second line of defense to keep pests at bay. Kitchen drains are one area where you might not be able to see where food debris collects. The combination of rotting food and moisture is an attractant for pests. 

  • Flies Find a Way

You keep doors and windows closed as much as you can to keep flies out of your kitchen but small insects can access the kitchen from an entry point that is mere millimeters wide. Your kitchen staff may also be unknowingly letting pests in every time they use the back door. While you can talk to your crew about ways to reduce how often they open the door – you will still need Paraclipse units to help any insects that do happen to get in your commercial kitchen.

  • Insect Deliveries

Running a commercial kitchen requires a lot of supplies from various warehouses and delivery trucks. While you have taken all the steps in your control to protect your kitchen from flies, fruit flies, and mosquitoes – you can’t always control what comes in your supply deliveries. As a team, make sure you check deliveries carefully and if a stored food insect is found, your crew should then remove the food boxes from the building to stop the infestation from spreading.

  • Inaccessible Hiding Spots

It can seem as if fruit flies come from out of nowhere. Fruit flies typically lay their eggs directly on rotting fruits and vegetables or else inside drains that are not properly cleaned. While you are trying to find these hidden spots where fruit flies are multiplying, you will need reliable units such as our Fruit Fly Patrol to keep the problem at bay while you find and eliminate the source.

  • Outdoor Pest Problems

While your commercial kitchen may be indoors and somewhat controllable, you have less control over what happens outside. With many restaurants and commercial kitchens including both indoor, outdoor, and hybrid options, insect issues can increase. By installing an Insect Inn, you can control the amount of flies that enter the indoor area of your restaurant while looking sleek and discreet.

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