• Food Processing Plants
  • Food Preparation Areas
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Bakeries
  • Supermarkets
  • Poultry and Egg Ranches
  • Hospitals
  • Open Bay Areas
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Livestock Facilities
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Horse and Dairy Barns


  • Highly effective combination of special UV light, attractants and trapping surface.
  • Draws flies to the trapping surface and keeps them trapped.
  • Ultraviolet Lamp Booster Reflectors.
  • Exclusive auto-advancing 60-day cartridge system.
  • Eliminates large quantities of flies.
  • Fresh sticky surface and sex attractants released continuously.
  • Cartridge holds over 20 times the capacity of a glue board.
Environmentally safe - no scattering of zapped fly parts or sprayed chemicals.
 Sanitary handling for the disposal of flies.
  • Flies quickly caught during random flight near the lamp.

  • Audible alert to replace used cartridge.
  • Specially engineered flying insect attracting device for commercial/industrial use attracts insects from both the front and back. 
Silently put an end to your flying insect disturbances and the spread of disease that they carry.
  • Meets USDA & FDA guidelines.
 Can be used in all commercial and industrial facilities.
 Research proven flying insect attracting UV light device.
  • Unit keeps your establishment safe and free from flies carrying diseases such as Salmonella and E.coli.
 Easy to maintain, easy to clean.


Terminator Dual Side Specs:

SpecsModel (USA)Model (Int'l)
Model No:251350251360
Dimensions:23.0"x10.0"x8.50" 23.0"x10.0"x8.50"
Electrical:115/120V 50/60 Hz, 6 foot Cord220/240V 50/60 Hz, IEC Receptacle
Weight:9.0 lbs.9.0 lbs.
Coverage (Line of sight):Up to 10,000 ft.Up to 10,000 ft.
Cartridge Surface Area:970 square inches970 square inches
Cartridge Life:60 days60 days
Lamp Life:Approx. 8 monthsApprox. 8 months
Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp:40 Watts (2 - 20W lamps) (360 - 380 nm)40 Watts (2 - 20W lamps) (360 - 380 nm)
Dimensions of Cartridge Surface:146" x 7.25"146" x 7.25"
Capacity:Over 4000 fliesOver 4000 flies
Construction Material:High Strength AluminumHigh Strength Aluminum


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